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This texture is perfect if you perfer your hair not too straight, but not too curly. You get truly defined waves throughout each bundle.


  • 100% Raw and unprocessed hair.  Absolutely no synthetic fibers. Each bundle is cut directly from a single donor and wefted. No matting or tangling. 
  • Flat and secure wefts:  The custom wefts allow for undetectable installations and minimal shedding.
  • Luster:  Low to Medium 
  • Density: Medium to Light
  • Texture: Medium to Coarse
  • Can hold a curl for many days.  Easy styling.
  • Longevity: Can last up to 2 years  or more with proper care.
  • Hair can be colored/lightened. We recommend seeing your professional stylist for coloring services. Note** Color can shorten the lifespan of the bundle.
  • Hair can be straightened and will revert back once washed.